Brain+: the free brain training app on iOS

Brain+, as the title of the application itself suggests, is a software specifically designed to stimulate the mind and train the brain. In essence, it is a collection of mini-games, specially designed to increase your brain’s abilities and develop attention, logic and memory. Most of the exercises are offered in the form of real games, with 3D graphics, bright colours and end-of-level scores.

Brain+ is a freemium app, which can be downloaded for free, but within which IAP purchases are concentrated. More precisely, the app offers three mini games completely free of charge, while in order to benefit from the entire training program you need to buy extra monthly subscriptions. A first training game offered completely free of charge is called Fresh Frog, where the player must place on a square grid of tiles containing small arrows to guide a toad to his princess. A second game contained within Brain+ is, instead, entitled Remember Me?, which is undoubtedly the most interesting and fun exercise. In this mini game, in fact, numerous characters will appear on the screen, which will begin to provide information about their person, such as name, surname, age, profession, favorite food, nationality and much more. From time to time the player will be asked to remember all the information obtained. After 5 minutes, the app will return to the player the results obtained, such as percentage of correct answers and number of answers given. It’s a very simple game mechanics, but it’s particularly interesting for the player’s attention and mnemonic skills. The third minigame, instead, requires the player to carefully observe the grid to see where certain obstacles are placed. If you need help with taxes, go here and look at tax forms:

Brain+, unfortunately, is only localized in English, but since they are exercises with a strong videogame flavour, they are however appreciable by everyone. In Remember Me, for example, it will be about learning really basic information about the names and professions of the characters that appear on the screen, so that even a school English will be enough to understand exactly what to do.