Always Remember Me Review

This is a RPG, sim dating game full of questions needing answers. You play as Amy Fitch who was in a motorcycle accident with her fiancé Aaron Cowen. Amy was lucky and left the scene of the accident unhurt, but Aaron was rushed to the hospital and now has short term amnesia. It is up to Amy to help Aaron recover his memory and life as it was before.

Amy is a first year college student who works part time at an ice cream store, and lives with her Aunt Gwenda because her parents were killed in a tragic car accident. She must balance her life so her status like money, culture, creativity, romance, discipline, morale and energy are increased to make her health and well being good. You use the map of the town to go from one location to another performing different actions. Each action will determine if one of your status levels go up or down. When Amy goes to work at the ice cream parlor, she may have a good or bad day and make less or more money. At the shop she can talk to Lawrence and her relationship gauge will go up or down resulting from which conversation you choose. Other male acquaintances are the doctor at the hospital, Eddy, and Hugh a friend working in a clothes shop at the mall. She can have romantic relationships with any of the 4 men in her life. There are 2 different endings for each of these 4 characters. They also have distinct status for each character. Lawrence is culture, Hugh is creativity, discipline for Eddy and Aaron is romance.

You play this game day by day from morning until night and from Monday through Sunday. Some actions are determined by the time of day or day of the week. The gym is closed at night so you cannot workout there in the evening. The club has dancing only at night and Amy works in the morning shift, Monday through Friday.

The map opens up to more areas as you play further into the game. The activities and actions increase as you go along. There’s a lot to do in this visual novel sim dating game and you get drawn into the play the more you play it. You get invested in what happens to Amy and Aaron. You also want to find out who this mystery secret admirer may be who is emailing you throughout the game. Like their other visual novels Winter Wolves presented another interesting one with original soundtrack. It doesn’t have the sci-fi action thriller vibe to it like Bionic Heart or the alien fighting matches in Planet Stronghold, but romance can be entertaining. It may not be for everyone, but you should give it a try to see what you think.