Date Warp

It seems like the interactive stories now have one other mini type game to play during your reading. Date Warp has a wire connecting game to make your many decisions in this play as an added bonus to their visual novel.

Janet Bhaskar is a college freshman on a blind date when her date’s car breaks down in an isolated area in the middle of a torrential downpour. Bradley Dalton and Janet see a huge house with all its lights on and proceed to get some help from the family. Upon entering the palatial mansion they find 4 people who may or may not be related living in the house. Rafael a boy, an unfriendly man, Alben, Nathaniel (possibly the owner of the house) and Linds who is good at fixing things are the people they find at the place. All of these guys seem a little strange and are hiding something.

Janet interacts with all the people mentioned and must make different decisions by playing a connect the wire to light up the bulb game to determine the outcome of the story. After each decision you can view how the people reacted to your choice.

The story continues with Janet and Bradley spending the night at the house due to the rainstorm and the telephones being out. The next morning proves to be a beautiful, sunny day and the unlikely couple try to venture out is stopped by an unusual barrier blocking their exit. Things come to a head when Bradley brandishing a handgun goes into a mad spiel about his missing sister. Janet realizes she was set up by him as decoy to find this house.

From this point on the demo is complete with many questions needing answers. Will Janet get out safely from the mansion and return to her college? Can she uncover the mystery behind the house? Will Bradley find closure to his missing sister? Will Janet find love? Try it out to see if you are the visual novel type and fan. The artwork is a colorful anime style with action scenes, the music a little hokey but goes with the story and the story is intriguing. I give it a 3.5 out of 5 for a different kind of addictive Mac play.