Doggie Dash And Fashion Finder

Doggie Dash

Walter and Scarlet’s first pet spa Doggie Dash is a sim time management Mac game for children and casual gamers. There is a daily goal you must meet to pass a level (there are 50 levels) and 20 upgrades.

The play is to click on the pet at the entrance, above the pet’s head will show you what they want done, click on the correct station and when finished Walter will pick the pet up and take it to the counter to be paid. The 3 stations are the bath, trim and pampering. When you have enough money, you can buy upgrades for more stations to speed up your procedures and earn money faster.

There are 2 modes of play: Story and Endless Shift. The story is the tale of Walter and Scarlet trying to make a living running a pet spa and meeting daily goals. Endless is an endless stream of customers. Each angry customer you keep waiting will cost you one star and when all the stars are gone, the shift is over.

As you know by now I am not into these types of sim games, but I think kids and some casual gamers will enjoy this play, especially pet lovers. I like cats, but the constant meowing is a bit much. Upgrades are a great help and you really need them to continue to please everyone. The artwork is simple and colorful and music is upbeat which makes for a pleasant time.

Fashion Finder

The goal in Mac hidden object game Fashion Finder is to get to fashion week. Abigail Andrews a fashionista and trendspotter working at a well-known fashion magazine right out of college is hired to do just that. Her task is to help the editor of this magazine out of its doldrums by vamping up the trendspotter pages with fashion from street styles to couture. Abbie needs to work quickly if she is to bring vitality to her magazine with fashion week fast approaching in New York City.

The hidden object play is a little different since Abbie only has her blackberry to take pictures of the latest fashion trends. You move the cursor or camera eye to the items listed and click to snap a photo. Many of the scenes are of the same type of things to find such as 10 sunglasses, 14 candles, etc. Another different search is in the dark where you see only where the flashlight shines over the room.

I always liked searching objects and snapping photos of them in HOGs but when you do it for every scene, it got a little redundant. Also finding the one type of thing in a scene you already played became a little boring. I thought the premise and location of the game were good and the artwork okay, but the play a little repetitious. I give it a 3.0 out of 5 for Fashion Finder.