Dream Chronicles 2 And G.H.O.S.T. Chronicles

Dream Chronicles 2

Dream Chronicles 2 is the sequel to Dream Chronicles. This is a seek and find plus many mini puzzles game. DC2 is very much like the first game where you are searching for Fidget, Faye’s husband, who is taken by Lilith the Fairy Queen of Dreams. In this game Lilith has put Faye in prison so she, the Queen of Dreams, will be free to marry Fidget who was once promised to her long ago.

There are 50 scenes, 25 story chapters and 80 mini puzzles. Throughout the play you must also seek jewels scattered in every background and part of the collection of jewels you’ll need to progress the game. Each completed dream jewel hold the power to answer a question.

In the main play each scene you must pass several puzzles before you can exit the location. For instance, in the pool area you must choose the correct stones to step on to cross the water. In addition there are wall puzzles to solve. Fortunately you can return to a puzzle if you need to do so.

Dream Chronicles 2 I found not as engaging as the first Dream Chronicles. The difference I think is because in the first one Fidget spoke directly to Faye even though it is in riddles and dream like state it drew you into the story more and made you wonder why he was taken, and in the second Faye is trying to escape prison with only someone’s diary to help her, and she already knew why Fidget was taken. It still is interesting with beautiful artwork and soothing music to try it out for yourself and help Faye escape her puzzling prison.

G.H.O.S.T. Chronicles: Phantom of the Renaissance Faire

You are called upon to investigate the Spears Renaissance Faire and its recent haunting by ghosts in the area, as you are a master ghost hunter. Search every part of the fair to gather information and clues as to why and where the ghosts are in this dark Renaissance faire. As a hidden object game, you must not only find objects on a list, but by using special tools to see into another realm, solve puzzles of the extraordinary.

Running around a haunted renaissance fair seems like a blast, however this game is more like stopping at a section of the fair and thinking for a while. The pop-ups from pieces in scenes are annoying and some hidden objects are kind of ridiculous. I know it’s supposed to be a challenge, but between the other dimension, objects you aren’t supposed to click on, and things that look like an object on the list but aren’t, the game gets ridiculous. That was the first level/picture. Eventually making past that part, the rest of the game is similar and confusing as well.

A good idea for a themed hidden object game, but I would have to say Phantom of the Renaissance Faire was a miss. I give the game 2.0 out of 5 stars. I know I’m not that smart or blind, but this game was too much for a laid back gamer such as myself.