Egyptian Dreams 4 Review

Enjoy the mysterious magic of Mac game Egyptian Dreams 4 as you win jackpots and impress Cleopatra with your prowess. This Aussie style (based on slot machines in clubs and casinos throughout Australia) poker machine (pokies) is realistic and fun to play with many side games to enhance your enjoyment.
The play is to select your bet from $2 to $200, you hit spin and wait for all your winnings. If that much play is too much for you, hit auto play and the machine will do everything for you. Of course, that means losing your money (or virtual money) faster. Also you can change the number of reels from 5 to 6 or back again for a little variety. You go through your $2,000 (if you are betting $200) very quickly but the great thing about this game is you get $2000 automatically with the ring of a cash register. It’s seamless and you wouldn’t know your money has been replenished if not for the cheerful ring. After losing what seems like several thousand dollars, I started making the money back on the side games.

In Pharaoh Feature you get to select a button to see how many spins you’ll get for his bonus. The next row is for selecting the multiplier and then the wild card. After your selections you go back to the slot machine and it will automatically spin the number you had selected earlier. The big payoff is when you get to solve the Puzzle of Anubis. Cleo will pay you 100x your entire feature win. Wow!

In Cash Pyramid you start selecting a block from the bottom of the pyramid and you continue up until you get a scarab. The scarab will end your pursuit to the top. The jackpot amount is listed on the top right. If you get a scarab you win only the amount in the current row only. Also during your regular play when you win in the slot game, you can decide to double your winnings by pressing the gamble button.

Initially the game can get a little monotonous, but with the auto button available to you, you can sit back and relax while the machine plays for you. The bonus plays are fun and interactive with you making the decisions. The play catches up with you, and it is very addictive. This is a good thing since it is only virtual money. Even though this slot game is realistic, I wouldn’t get carried away and rush to Las Vegas to try your luck. I left the game at over $33,000 and never have I gotten close to winning that much in slots, but it’s fun to dream.