Fairy Treasure And Rise of Atlantis

Fairy Treasure

With a name like Fairy Treasure you would expect a light, slow moving magical game with lots of sparkly pixie dust. This Mac game is nothing like that. It’s fast, explosive and extra awesome. An arcade play with a story about good and evil, royal gems and fighting witches.

A breakout play with the bat shooter at the bottom of the screen. You move the bat right and left, click to shoot up at the bricks and walls surrounding gems, power-ups, good and bad bonuses. You cannot lose your ball into the river below or you lose a life. When you lose all your balls, you lose and the game is over. However when all the bricks are destroyed, you complete the level. Customize the difficulty for your own skill level and figure out how to shoot around the many obstacles.

The play is a fun arcade action with 120 levels plus bonus levels, lots of power-ups and bonuses both good and bad. The graphics are dark and gloomy looking—just right for this story of wicked, ugly hags, trolls and goblins. Even though I didn’t get into the tale much, I liked the game. This fast-paced, action packed shooting play is good fun for both casual and hardcore gamers.

Rise of Atlantis

Travel ancient lands of the Mediterranean in this match Mac game, Rise of Atlantis. There are 7 powers needed to come together in order to raise the magnificent lost city of Atlantis. The jewels when put together at the altar of Poseidon will bring about the Rise of Atlantis.

The Play is your usual match 3 items to destroy game with pieces of a puzzle spewed throughout the game board for you to bring to the bottom and release it to the outline on the left. The hearts on the left show how many lives you have and all earned power-ups are displayed on the lower left and by clicking on it you can drag to the game board to use as needed. If you see a hour glass in a square, make matches below it, bring the clock to the bottom of the game board, you will get extra time for your game.

Rise of Atlantis is a relaxing match game with a good story line. The play is fun, but it is much like many other match games, and everyone knows I enjoy my match plays. It really didn’t have that extra something I look for in a match play. It is almost identical to Call of Atlantis which is not a bad thing, but I would have liked something more.