Fiction Fixers – Alice in Wonderland Review

A great twist to the classic Alice in Wonderland tale is a Mac hidden object game. Fiction Fixers- Alice in Wonderland will take you on a wild ride through the familiar surroundings that the Mad Hatter once took. Evil lurks in every corner, and books are no exception. The Illiterati group is out to ruin all books, and your job with the help of Fixer Phoebe is to keep all the classic tales as they are and to fix any damage made by an Illiterati Agent who will slink around every page of a book.

The play begins with Alice falling down the rabbit hole, and while she is falling you are to click on the heavy objects. A fun action play, with heavy items falling down with Alice and light objects floating up, will get you to differentiate between the 2 things. At the bottom of the hole is a pile of leaves full of sharp instruments. Your job is to click on the items to eliminate them from hurting Alice. Some of the found objects will be placed in your inventory to be used later when needed. There are variety of hidden object scenes, seek and find, puzzles and the story of catching the Illiterati agent. The puzzles consist of catching bugs on a giant puppy, placing the gears correctly and mixing the right potion for Alice. There are many mini games to complete before the game’s end.

Fiction Fixers – Alice in Wonderland is a nice change from the usual murder or mysteries we have been seeing lately. It is more a light-hearted, fun variation on the tale. The HOGs are enjoyable to play and not very difficult. Some of the mini puzzles you can quickly get through, but some will take a little thinking. If you want to skip a puzzle, you will be penalized 10 minutes. The artwork is nice and the music pleasant. Try out this HOG and capture the trouble making Illiterati agent. I give it a 4 out of 5.