Form DS-11 for Passport Applications

The United States passport may be the most powerful among all of the passports on earth. It’s recognized by the majority of nations. American citizens can receive their passport issued in a few straightforward measures, which begins with the Form DS-11. The same as any other form filling work, it’s vital to fill it out correctly to prevent rejection and flaws. In this guide, we will describe how to complete Form DS-11 with appropriate step-by-step directions.

What’s Form DS-11?

DS-11 is among the most frequently used application forms from the USA. Also called US Passport Application Form, DS-11 is a kind provided from the United States Department of State for issuing passports for its citizens. The form could be downloaded from the official site and subsequently be used for submitting.

Who Wants Form DS-11?

Form DS-11 should just be used by people applying for US passport for the very first time. This implies, if you are applying for renewing or issuance of another passport, then you are going to be ineligible to utilize this form.

Apart from that, the form can be used by children under the age of 16. The form is filed with their own parents and they get the passport afterwards.

When To Re-File DS-11?

DS-11 is meant to be utilized by men and women applying for a passport for the first time.

As you’d understand, the passport issued to a youngster is valid just for 5 years rather than ten years for adults. Additionally, you will not have the ability to use the renewal option by submitting DS-82 if you’re still under 16 years old when your preceding passport died . So anybody whose initial US passport has been issued until they switched 10 cannot technically document for renewal. They would need to use the DS-11 again to have a passport.

If your passport has been lost or damaged or stolen, then you will not be applying for renewals. You would use the DS-11 again to have a passport.

  1. You will probably be using the Form DS-11 in case you satisfy any of these requirements:
  2. You are asking for a US passport for your very first moment.
  3. You’re below the age of 16 if you received your very first US passport.
  4. Your newest US passport has been issued no later than 15 years in the present date and it’s expired.
  5. You’ve lost or badly damaged your latest passport or it got stolen.
  6. You had your name changed since your last passport was issued but you cannot record the shift of your title.
  7. You’re asking a gender marker change.

If none of these conditions are authentic and you’re applying for renewal rather, then you need to use Form DS-82 instead.

Documents Necessary for Type DS-11

Supplying relevant documents is every bit as significant as filing the form. Together with DS-11, you’ll be asked to publish the following files:

Documents Causing Your US Citizenship

Many files can establish your American citizenship status, however these can change based on if you had been born in the usa, born out the US (to American parents), became a US citizen through naturalization, or have been embraced.

Usual files which will prove your American citizenship are:

  • US hospital birth record
  • Certification of naturalization
  • Certification of citizenship
  • Consular Report of Birth Abroad or Certificate of Birth

Other documents such as your own parents’ naturalization certificate, FS-240, overseas birth certificate, Letter of No Record, etc. could also be requested. Submit all those ones that are appropriate in your situation.

To make it simpler, it is possible to submit the Ask To get a File Search form and submit it together with DS-11.

ID Records

The following set of files should supply your identity. These are less daunting and simple to produce. As an ID record, it is possible to create any US government-issued card which has at least your name, photo, DOB printed onto it. However, these need to be permanent ID cards rather than secondary.

  • State-issued driver’s permit
  • Permanent resident card
  • Certification of naturalization
  • Certification of citizenship
  • Government worker ID card
  • Reputable traveler’s ID such as SENTRI, Global Entry
  • Enhanced tribal cards

If you cannot create any of those above, click on here to find out more about what’s approved.

2 Pictures

You’ll need to submit your latest picture that meets the requirements. The photographs have to be

  • 2X2 inches in dimension
  • Identical to One Another
  • Taken not before 6 months from submitting
  • Full face, front view, and plain white backdrop

Click on here for full specifications.

How To Complete Form DS-11

The Form DS-11 has to be registered on the internet and filed in the portal site. Then print it out and then see the US passport office or approved representative (US Embassy, if applying from overseas).

DS-11 isn’t a challenging form to complete. It’s a 6-page form from that four cover directions. That means you’ll simply be filling two pages out. Here is how to finish form DS-11 incremental:

Initial Page

At the very top of this very first page, you will need to pick the ideal option. Whether you are applying for a passport card, passport publication, or to both.

Then you are going to need to fill nine fields. Those are:

  1. Name (First, middle, and last)
  2. Date of Birth
  3. Sex
  4. Place of Birth
  5. Social Security Number
  6. Email Address
  7. Primary Contact Phone Number
  8. Mailing Address
  9. List of all other names you have used legally

Under this section, you will need to give information associated with the Identification record you are filing. Complete this only if requested to achieve that. If you are submitting the driver’s permit, then mark the box. Alternatives are State Issued ID card, passport (present or died ), Army card, or alternative (that you need to define).

Second Page

On the next page, you will find 11 additional queries. Those are:

  • Parental information
  • Title of your partner, divorce date (if appropriate )
  • Added contact telephone number
  • Occupation
  • Companion or college
  • Height
  • Hair Colour
  • Eye colour
  • Traveling plans (departure and return date, the nation intended to see )
  • Permanent speech
  • Emergency Contact variety
  • In case you have applied before, fill out this

Supply your signature at mandatory places and you have finished Form DS-11.

Where to Submit Type DS-11

After filling it out online, you want to see a US State Travel Department made a qualified centre, and submit the form in-person. In the event the passport isn’t urgent, you may apply in a Passport Acceptance Facility.

Form DS-11 Price

DS-11 is totally free to use and download. However, you have to incur the charges to get a passport. For your passport card, it’s $30 and $25 for processing and application charges .


As you may see, DS-11 is the first step on your US passport procedure. While what’s explained comprehensive here, in the event of confusion, we suggest that you get in contact with a lawyer before proceeding.