How to Flatten a PDF for Free

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Filling and submitting forms on the web was a nuisance a decade ago. You needed to print a blank form out, input all of the data by hand, scan it, store it as a PDF or picture, then attach it to an internet system or a email.

These days, PDF forms are frequently accessible to save and fill. The only issue you need is to make sure that these forms aren’t tempered – by flattening them. The simplest technique is to change the PDF to a picture and convert it to PDF.

As I’ve said, there are lots of interactive layers onto a PDF document. By obeying the suggested procedure, you’re basically shifting the information presented on the PDF into a flat picture. This procedure would also remove layers, in addition to other elements that would exhibit as soon as you activate it, i.e., clicking onto a drop-down listing. All of the details about the webpage become’incorporated’ into a cohesive coating.

  1. Publish the document, convert the whole webpage into a JPG.
  2. On another page, click’into PDF’.
  3. Wait patiently and download your document.

This guarantees your data can’t be altered, once seen by a different party. Flattening PDFs is vital once you’re submitting forms, to ensure that nobody can inadvertently adjust the information saved.

Based upon the data stored on a record and what isn’t retained after it, the dimensions might or might not fall considerably.

In any event, you may use our favorite online compressor to decrease the size of this PDF once you use it. The practice is pretty much exactly the same. You upload it into the Compress PDF tool, decide on the compression speed, and sit , allowing Smallpdf to work its own magic. This specific instrument will extract and eliminate duplicate data from the PDF file to get a much smaller file.

The’high quality’ option flatten the PDF and compress it into a manner that keeps the formatting, as near the original document as you can.

The’powerful compression’ speed should only be utilized whenever you’re in severe need of reducing the document as far as you possibly can, in dimension.

You can not – because you’ve obtained a photo of the last version of this form, how you wished to store it. But, you might attempt to convert it into an editable Microsoft Office format. Smallpdf uses a exceptional OCR formulation to extract and store the material into an editable format that you perform your editing.

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