How to Save GIFs from Twitter to Your Device

The very best method to quickly save GIFs posted on Twitter to your computer in a couple of clicks.

If you are wondering why you cannot simply drag a GIF out of Twitter to your desktop computer? It is since the cheeky social networking website converts all uploaded GIFs to MP4 videos. That is correct, from your GIFs you upload from the regional drive to those chosen from Gifhy or Tenor.

Twitter does so to enhance their website’s functionality, as movies load considerably faster than animated GIF. Another change you may have noticed is the requirement to manually tap a GIF in your phone to begin playing it. In any event, the rescue from isn’t quite as dull as you may believe – you want to convert and preserve the movies back to their original format – GIF.

The Way to save a GIF out of Twitter to your personal computer:

  1. Identify the tweet comprising the GIF you want to keep.
  2. Right-click and select ‘Copy Video Address’.
  3. Proceed into Ezgif’s Video to GIF converter and then paste in the connection.
  4. Click on ‘Convert to GIF’ and save the picture to your apparatus.

Do more with your GIFs

Besides downloading GIFs, the free internet platform also provides visitors to alter and increase their documents, including the capability to optimize, rotate, and resize those Twitter videos. Conversely, it is possible to edit MP4 video files before saving and converting the GIF from Twitter.

And as you can see, as soon as you’ve got the movie converted back into GIF format, then the animation can be dragged and dropped teasily on your PC.

The Way to save GIFs out of Twitter onto a mobile device

The method to do this is almost the same, albeit the leak might slightly differ. When you replicate the movie address, this actually takes the Tweet URL. Therefore, if this activity isn’t accessible once you’re seeing a tweet comprising the GIF that you would like to save, then you might also replicate the direct URL of this tweet. Once you copy the URL, go to Ezgif, follow the incremental directions mentioned previously to store your document.

Unfortunately, you might not have the ability to store GIFs if you’re using the mobile variant of this Twitter program on either iPhone or even Android, since you cannot copy or see a standalone tweet using an observable URL (albeit you will find choices to talk or re-tweet).