How to use Smallpdf Dropbox extensions

We are thrilled to announce that Smallpdf has partnered up with Dropbox!

This cooperation enables entry to SmallPDF’s toolbox right in your favorite document hosting platform, using only one click. Whether you want to compress, edit, convert or eSign your files, everything is covered.

Coupled with Dropbox’s Strong document storing, Sharing and Syncing Capacities, Smallpdf will Match the Stage by introducing a Selection of benefits to end-users, Such as:

Seamless file processing

14 tools to effectively convert, compress, eSign and edit PDFs in a few clicks, directly from Dropbox.

Automatic saving of documents to Dropbox

Accelerate your file management workflows and make sure that content stays organized and undamaged.

Ease of cooperation

Share, procedure and save files inside groups on the cloud, with no downloads or setup required.

Step 1: Single Click Access to Smallpdf

Right-click on almost any PDF document in Dropbox, and you’ll now find a choice to open the document in Smallpdf, prepared for processing.

Step 2: Pick One of Smallpdf Easy-to-Use Tools

Smallpdf takes pride in using a package of easy but efficient PDF programs. As soon as you’ve opened a file on the website, select a tool and allow Smallpdf to work its magic. Your document will be stored automatically to Dropbox.

Step 3: Document Processing

Upon picking a tool, Smallpdf will process your document for you.

Step 4: Easily Save Sync Files into Dropbox

Your document will be stored to Dropbox instantly after every conversion, at precisely the exact same place in which the first document is found. Click on ‘View on Dropbox’ on the end page to verify your converted document out.

Otherwise, you could even download the document, or continue to operate together with different programs.

Step 5: Navigate Back For Your Dropbox Folder

A filename extension will be added to the new file to make sure that your first document is maintained.


Smallpdf aims to finally build a platform that’s easy, powerful and accessible for everyone to use. Therefore, Dropbox is the best partner that embodies these words.

With millions of documents processed by both programs on a daily basis, they are beyond eager to aid in creating workflows more compact for their users. Hopefully, you’ll have the ability to conserve time, transfer projects forward and remain in sync with coworkers with this newest integration.