Monkey Money

Do you need a breather from the brain and mental fitness teasers? You know what I mean. The games that will take your mind to the furthest depths of your gray matter and leave you exhausted. Well, you are in luck with Mac slot game Monkey Money. This game will take you to the island tropics to play without thinking and not have to do anything. It’s like going to Atlantis but you do not have to throw your money away in the one-armed bandit or the hotel bill.

The lively tropical island type of music and colorful, cute artwork will enhance your play even more. It’s more than easy to learn and play this game, especially if you are in autoplay. The play is to make your selection of how much you would like to bet and then hit the spin button. That’s it unless you put it on autoplay and then you don’t have to hit the spin button. The pay table will show you how much you can win in each combination. In this game you win a lot of money unlike real slot machines. Also if you get enough of the same crate or boxed items, you win a bonus of extra spins or mini games to enjoy. The Jungle Feature will garner you 18 free spins (this is done automatically), and even though it takes a long time to get through the 18 spins, you win a lot of money. Okay, there’s some thinking involved, but it’s not hard. The Butterfly Effect is a simple memory game where when you make a pair, you get the bonus on those cards. If you get bored, try the roulette table and gamble away your winnings. In the Coconut Feature you select your monkey and he and 2 others will race up palm trees to get to the coconuts.

Monkey Money may not be for everyone, but if you want to try your hands at the slots without losing your hard earned money, play this game. So if you can’t get to the tropics because of your hectic schedule, play Monkey Money instead.