Planet Stronghold

Fly into Planet Stronghold as a new naïve recruit for the military amidst rampant rumors about trouble stirring there. Survive your mean sergeant while competing against over 300 other recruits for 8 openings for the elite Royal Guards. Being a soldier and living a happy personal life can be challenging for anyone, but throw in vicious alien attackers and turncoat robots, and you have an exciting rpg/sim game Planet Stronghold.

Begin your play by choosing your gender. You will play as either Lisa Nelson or Joshua Nelson. You will also choose your class in the military: Soldier, Guardian, Scout or Psionic. Each class has different characteristics. Some will be strong in fighting but have no mind influencing traits. The enemy will try to take out the strongest hero. There are other skills you can use to heal people, science to hack computers and repair to fix robots. You battle in a turn based combat form facing your enemies. The orange highlighted person or alien will be the current attacker.

The story will develop your relationships with the people around you. There are 6 romantic endings; 3 for each gender. There is a relationship meter where if you offend anyone, their meter will lower and if they like you or is impress with you the meter will rise. One of the early quests you will have is to find out why they stationed you on a post reserved for more advanced military personnel. Find the connection you may have to a famous military officer. Those are only a couple of quests you will be given but a more immediate concern is to get the king’s son back from the aliens. Travel throughout the planet by viewing the map and clicking on the location you wish to go. Areas will be off limits to you until they unlock through dialogue or quests. The quests to complete are listed at the lower right of the screen.

I find playing this game addictive and with 50 hours of game time, there are a lot of things to do and quests to complete. I also find these rpg games a little easier and more interesting to play than some other straight fighting rpg games in ugly, dirty dungeons. Casual gamers may find Planet Stronghold a good game to start your rpg experience. You won’t be bored with 40 unique enemies, story line that changes with your choices, great artwork and the turn based combats. I give this play a 4 out of 5 for an awesome time.