QuantZ And Ghost Hunters


QuantZ is a different kind of match game with colorful spheres shooting across the dark atmosphere. There are 3 modes of play: Action, Strategy and Puzzle. With each variation, you can choose the mode you like or pick all three for a relaxing, fun game.

The Action mode gives you random orbs shooting towards a cube with different color spheres attached to all the sides. You control the cube with your cursor to rotate towards the incoming orb. Your goal is to match 4 of the same color orbs to destroy and eliminate from the cube before the energy runs out. The Strategy mode lets you shoot a set number of orbs toward the cube, and the Puzzle has sets of orbs on the cube and you’re challenged to rid all the spheres.

Advantages you have in this game are the 3 popping QuantZ explodes into a fireball. Fireballs burn the same colored Quantz, and burning QuantZ make fireballs.

The only action you will see is when you get power ups during the game. Most of the play is very relaxing and you have plenty of time to complete your goals. Strategy and Puzzle will take some planning and thinking to complete the level in order to advance to the next one. The game is designed nicely and takes the match game to another level, but there is very little action, and I found the play too slow. If relaxation is what you are seeking, then QuantZ is the game for you. I give it a 2.5.

Ghost Hunters

Viola Majesty contacts you in Ghost Hunters: The Haunting of Majesty Manor to investigate the haunting of her home. Are you up to the challenge of proving whether it is a haunting or a hoax?

You will search each room of the manor for evidence of ghosts. In each scene you will click on the item listed to the left of the screen. If you need help, click on the hint button to activate the wand, and when you are close to an object, you will hear faster clicking sounds. In between the levels you get a list of suspects, and some of them could be deceased.

Ghost Hunters didn’t draw me into the story or play very much. It could have been that when I opened the full screen option ¼ of the bottom was not visible. I played it on the small screen mode. It could have been my computer, but this is the first time it has happened. I like to be more involved in the story when playing a hidden object game. If you like just to play hidden object games with less of a story line, you’ll enjoy this one.