Rainbow Mystery

Rainbow Mystery

Rainbow Mystery is a match 3 or more like items Mac game with a fantasy story line. Lily the herb enchantress is coming home to help save her village. The play is to swap 2 flowers encased in a hexagon to match 3 or more like flowers in a row from side to side or up and down. You collect all colored cells by blowing up the flowers of the same color in them. If you complete the level with time to spare, the game will give you time bonuses. If you see an artifact you must make matches to lower the piece to the lowest part in the column to retrieve the item for the trophy case. The universal key will unlock doors on your journey. A different play is the Duel mode. You are the first player and the computer is the second one. You take turns making your moves to match 3 or more flowers. If the computer out scores you, you lose the level and must start again. Rainbow Mystery is a relaxing play even the Duel mode is calming. However I don’t think the sound of the flowers being destroyed augment the play in any way. I rather hear gems clashing I guess, but the squishing or whooshing sound was not conducive to an enjoyable play. Something seemed a little off with the noise. The play itself is fine but not very exciting. If you do not want to feel rushed and rather play a meditative match game, play Rainbow Mystery.

Weekend Party Fashion

In the world of fashion, every weekend a new look makes the scene and takes the world by storm. For Lilly, a fashion assistant, her job is to go out to the stores and prepare every weekend show for her company to create the new styles of tomorrow. With themes involved, Lilly’s job just can’t seem to get a break but her career as a “fashionista” depends upon it.

Weekend Party Fashion Show has elements of hidden object games, as you must search for clothes, elements of a game packed with minigames, as there is matching and puzzle games, and elements of a real fashion game because you get to design outfits. Choose a model’s hair for the theme of the week, gather the clothes, and then assemble the clothes. Points depend on looks, style, and if they fit the theme. Do well and your show is a hit.

This is an easygoing game for people that enjoy fashion and relaxed games. Although you are timed, I’m sure you will not have a problem trying to beat the clock. I give Weekend Party Fashion Show a 4 out of 5 stars. Not bad for a game mostly revolving around shopping.