The Trail Review for iPhone and iPad – a beautiful and exciting game about hiking

Peter Molinier’s name is well known in gaming circles. The British game developer is famous for such popular projects as Black & White and Fable, thanks to which many people associate Molyneux with fantastic worlds, extraordinary characters and reflections on good and evil. In 2012, the developer founded 22Cans and started making games for mobile platforms.

To date, the studio has released a very limited range of games for iOS. However, the recent release gives hope that soon everything will change. This is an adventure game called The Trail, which takes place against a backdrop of deceptively peaceful landscapes. Despite the fact that the main character – a hiker, the game does not seem tedious, but on the contrary, absorbs with the head. Separately, it is worth mentioning the graphics, which is a real pleasure for the eyes.

If you try to explain the essence of The Trail in a nutshell, you will get about the following: you go on a long hike and can’t turn off the trail. During the trip you will have to actively interact with the environment to provide yourself with food and shelter. The world around you is not static – it lives, pulses and moves. You can collect the right items, hunt animals, get wood, etc.

The dynamism of the game is amazing. Day changes at night, and sunny weather – rain. In the course of the game you will have to overcome the snow-covered peaks and go through the rainforests. From time to time, the journey will be interrupted to rest in a tourist camp, which will allow you and other players to gain strength and energy.

Words are quite difficult to describe all the impressions of the game. The inexperienced user may at first think that hiking is a thing of no avail. However, as soon as you start playing, you will be completely immersed in the world of travel, chasing animals and getting raw materials for making warm clothes. Another pleasant moment in the game is the hearty correspondence of the character with his family. You yourself will make touching letters and receive answers.

At the end of the trip you will find the city, which can be reached only by ferry. The old ferryman will offer you his services for in-game currency, extracting sweat and blood, but it is easier to pay him $4.99 and get to the city in no time. Having paid, you will get to the city, where you will have new interactions with its residents. Townspeople together are robbing in order to raise funds for the construction of new buildings – the town hall (activates chat for communication), the city hall, where the election of the mayor will be held, etc.

The Trail game is available in the App Store for free. The application is supported by iPhone, iPad Air and newer and iPod touch, which run on iOS 8.0 and later versions.

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