Tonga Review

There are many sacred rituals and traditions on the island of Tonga, and any of these things secrets are long passed along from one family member to another. This instills the idea that sacred ancestral lines are important and must be kept alive. The Moai are known to have the knowledge of stone carving. Recently a new cult arrived at the island and threatened their stone carving knowledge.

The stone builders in order to save this knowledge from being stolen by the Cult of the Birdman, summoned the 4 elements to help you conquer the 56 stone tablets that test the knowledge to keep alive this skill for future generations to come. Failure will lose the power for the Moai and will be at war with the birdman.

There are 4 modes of play in this marble shooting game. Adventure you go through the ranks, Storm you must survive 10 rounds of extra balls, Random you play with random colors and the Chaos is more of the same as Random. The main play is to take your shooter and aim for like colors to make a match of 3 or more. Certain color matches will create bonuses like the Ruby gemstones will destroy all the balls of the same color that the Ruby hits. Others will switch your play from 3 matches to 4 but will give you bigger bonuses. Also hit the gold coins to get double points and collect golden Moais to earn extra lives. After collecting earth, wind, fire and water, you can call these elements to help you with your task.

Mac game Tonga is very colorful with a lot of dynamic power-ups with many levels to play and badges to win. I’m not into marble shooting games and didn’t really find it entertaining, but you may be a marble shooter so you should try it out. I give it a 3 out of 5 for a solid play. Save the Moais and defeat the Cult of Birdman.